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The evolution of our brands & the focus on innovation.

We are proud to announce that we have secured a new brand to distribute at LB Atlantis that we believe is aligned with our values of quality and wellness and will ultimately give us quality growth in 2022.

Splash Nano is the brainchild of NanoTechnology enthusiast and expert Kalon Baird. The desire to create infused beverages sparked a technology platform for making cannabinoids much more effective and bioavailable. Borrowing research from the big food and pharma space, a proprietary, safe delivery platform was born. This technology can also be used to enhance and deliver other bioactive molecules as well.

Splash Nano proudly uses only clean label natural ingredients. They don’t use artificial colors which have been proven to be harmful e.g. red40, blue 1,2 etc. Splash only uses food grade GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients to coat the precious cannabis molecules in their water soluble suspensions. They are also vegan, allergy-free and use organic ingredients. This translates to compatibility with many sensitivities which exist in today’s marketplace, and high consumer confidence.

The formulations used by Splash Nano offer advantages for product formulators, and ultimately consumers, to deliver a higher portion of consumed active ingredients directly into the bloodstream and avoid digestive degradation. What this means is essentially the consumer is getting close to 100% of the active THC they are paying for. A direct effect of bioavailability is the enhanced permeation and retention effect (EPR). This means that the consumer can start feeling therapeutic effects much faster than a standard oil formulation. All in all, more of the active ingredients are transferred to the bloodstream and to achieve a faster onset.

We at LB Atlantis are overjoyed to get this product and this partnership with such an innovative company so that we can expand our focus on the wellness market here in cannabis!


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