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LB Atlantis Reboot 2021

The most powerful thing starting over can teach us is humility.

Three years ago we started a cannabis manufacturing and distribution business thinking that our broader business and strategic skills would be of benefit to the company growth and market domination. And while they have been of great service, we originally had no idea what it would be like to work in such an undeveloped industry. We were not prepared to work with people who were not in the traditional business mindset. We quickly realized that the market leaders in this space mostly came from the legacy cannabis market.

The cannabis industry is filled with people who prepare for the worst, and often due to historically difficult circumstances, struggle to trust people from outside of their social circles. Due to lack of resources, legacy operators have garnered an extraordinary array of knowledge and skills with minimal idea on how to scale that skill, living in fear of being left behind. That’s the lens through which they often experience business. We at LB Atlantis had to learn how to shape our long-range strategy and marketing experience for their lens, not expect them to see it through ours while simultaneously developing a strategy for creating a market in cannabis based wellness where there isn't yet one.

This journey has made us better listeners, better negotiators, and better marketers and we have ultimately found a way to be better servant leaders to our team as well as to the emerging market of cannabis consumers.

At LB Atlantis our definition of success is transforming people’s ability to achieve business success by sharing our skills, insights and experience. But it was in starting over again that we have harnessed the trust, connection, resilience and humility that lie at the heart of our work as a business, product & service to create a business we can all be proud of.

In order to reboot we unfortunately had to slow operations for the month of October so that we could restructure and retrain. We had downsized our team by 70% for 30 days in order to regain control and consistency of operations. We are proud to say that we were not down at all in sales even though we were down 70% in staff.

November is going to be a busy month for us, and we are excited to keep you posted on the progress of our next steps.


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