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Data driven choices

An epic journey is often started with a dream and the willingness to relentlessly pursue it. Our dream is wellness and we are in it for the heavy lift. With our recent restructure we have begun to plan on quality development that begins with quality data. The importance of making choices by the numbers rather than on anecdotal evidence alone is vital as we scale our dreams into well-oiled machines. For this reason we have begun our deep dive into data!

Starting November 1st 2021 we have begun to use LeafLink distribution software. LeafLink is a unified sales platform that creates a marketplace where cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers manage their purchasing. This allows us to optimize ordering, simplify communication, and spend less time on administrative work. We have already seen an increase in efficiency as well as some acute accounting wins by switching over our accounting program as well. Our new accounting system connects directly with LeafLink, creating a seamless accounting reconciliation process with our clients and vendors.

Beginning November 15th we will be implementing a software called Backbone to our infusion licenses. Backbone is a leader in the cannabis industry at creating efficiency for scaling, preparing us for global trade and alignment with GMP/ISO standards. This will help us ensure we are always audit-ready. We also gain the ability to track and visualize data clearly within our unique supply chain. Backbone is connected to our accounting software, allowing us to implement top to bottom cost accounting and get the most accurate understanding of our cost of goods.

We are excited, and ready to make data driven decisions. Thank you for being on this journey with us!


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